Buying a home that needs some work can be a great investment for the right person willing to put the time and energy in. Some of the main reasons for buying a fixer are:

1. Afford Your Dream Neighborhood/ School District; You can buy into a neighborhood or school district that you might not normally be able to afford

2. Afford a bigger home; Typically when you buy a fixer you can afford more square footage, extra bedrooms and baths than for a comparable home that does not need repairs.

3. Upgrade to Your Preferences; A great advantage to buying a fixer upper is having your home upgraded to you taste and personal style. You can decide what flooring type, paint colors, and even floor plans that suit you.

4. Build Equity; After you’ve poured some TLC and attention in your home you should see a good rise in equity. By making sounds decisions during the renovation stage you can assure that your home value will rise to the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. It is always recommended to never buy the best house on the block, instead buy the home that can give you a great return on investment.

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